container    Our company cooperates with result oriented farmers and entrepreneurs with a vast of experience in processing of local origin plant & crop, have a purpose – to sell Georgian natural product on international and local markets.

    GARIA  takes responsibility for:papers1
– Creating of quality and quantity scheme of existing and expected harvest for future standardization;
– Frank talks regarding existing standards, about concordance of required and actual characteristics of goods;
– Sending real samples, only customer approved goods exporting;
– Competitive price;
– Preliminary agreement about delivery, payment and packing terms;

    In order to grow successful export, honest partnership, we only work with kolba1the logistics companies who meet modern standards and have many years of experience. We always prefer authorized laboratories. (f.e. LLC Quality Lab, LTD WineLaboratory…). Our strength – do business honestly and ethically.

cxriliBigWhite   The scheme represents basic dividing of Georgian crop & plants. Most of the raw material is grown in farms without chemical fertilizers, but not having Organic certification. We have gradually progressive quantity of farmers who are owners of organic certificate or are in conversion. Since 2005 CAUCASCERT Ltd  provides import certificate for importing organic products to European Union, which is necessary for clearing bio-products at customs, serves all organic producers, processors, distributors, retailers, exporters and importers. Offering of Organic certification by us depends on required product and quality.